First – for Arlee – the appliqué images from my last post – now clickable – I’ll make sure to do this in future wherever I can.

applique designapplique design with organza

On Sunday I got out the acrylics and gouaches – sets of 6 (lemon, cyan, magenta, yellow, vermilion, and ultramarine, plus I have black and white) and did some colour matching exercises for OCA Textiles 1. This involved mixing colours and documenting the results, matching the colours in fabric using paint, and really looking at the range of colours in an image to try and record them accurately. And the painting in the sketchbook was just to use up the leftover paint!

colour work

When I was cleaning the palette after using the acrylics, of course I had to scrub it, and some of the effects were quite interesting in themselves. This is the last small patch – just a few cm across – I can’t bring myself to scrub it right off yet!

acrylics on the palette

Did anyone see Germaine Greer’s very provocative comments in the Guardian yesterday? I have a lot of thoughts buzzing round in my head after reading this – I need to sort them out from my emotional responses and get them written down. There’s a (slightly dizzying) video on YouTube of work by Edrica Huws, the artist whose exhibition Greer didn’t actually see. What might she have written if she had bothered to go to Anglesey to see the show and look for the answers to her questions?

colour matching fun

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