A little bit of weekend inspiration 🙂

This is a quote from the opening page of “The Twelve Dancers” by William Mayne, published by Puffin Books, 1964.

Blue is the colour of the sky. Marlene was in bed still when she thought that. It was the colour of the sky in a chalk drawing or a painted drawing, but it was not the colour of the sky this morning. The sky now was green over the hills, with silver clouds lying tarnished above it. Higher still the sky was bruised with overhanging morning.

[…] The hills were a different green from the sky. Miss Williams, down at the school, would never allow a green sky into a drawing. Marlene thought Miss Williams must be an artist, to see things differently from ordinary people. She could look at the sun, and make people draw it yellow. Marlene had never looked at the sun, except once. It had looked white at the moment, then black for the rest of the day. Nobody else thought the sun was black.

And I just discovered (via BBC News 24) Nick Penny’s Sound Diary 2008 – Nick Penny is a musician who’s been recording snippets of sound daily since the new year and posting them in an audio diary on his web site. Birdsong, creaky gates, wind and waves, bells, machines, even the sound of silence. Very evocative.

looking and listening

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  • May 29, 2008 at 10:33 pm

    Fiona Thankyou for the William Mayne quote – he is an author I used read a lot in the dark ages when I was a children’s librarian. They had the bestest books!

  • June 2, 2008 at 9:52 pm

    Hi Fiona, thank you for the quote… I felt exactly this as a child and got told off for spending the whole lesson mixing a greeny turquoise sky instead of just pale blue… “Trees are not brown” has become my lifetime statement lol.

    I do like your May TIF piece. It expresses really well that explosive feeling when being full of all we are 😀 Very nicely done.

    Helen S

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