I can’t remember how I learned about this project, but I’m thinking about joining in. I find prayer flags and prayer trees captivating: the raggedness; the littleness; the physicality of spirituality; the way they hold permanence and impermanence combined.

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Back when I was exploring prayer flags (and their relationship to laundry) for a prayer flag weaving, I favourited a number of images on Flickr, so I’ve just made them into a small gallery to share with you. If you also happen to like looking at laundry, on the line is another gallery I made a while ago…

The prayer flag project

One thought on “The prayer flag project

  • March 12, 2012 at 10:22 am

    hello Fiona, I started making Prayer flags last summer and placing them along one of my fences, they have blown down during winter gales but I have retrived them and intend re-hanging them when the weather lets me, I have made a few more to add to them and will continue to make them, if you would like to see mine, look under themed threads and click on Prayer flags, Frances

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