Sketchbook Project

I finished my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project and posted it on Wednesday. I didn’t get started till the Christmas Holidays so it’s a bit slapdash, but on the other hand that stopped me from being too precious about it, and it’s basically a whole lot of ‘I’ll try this and see what happens’. I had chosen Lines and Grids for my theme, but I couldn’t think how to approach it, till I had a dream that I had stitched pairs of pages together to make them thicker – so that’s what I did, and worked into them with various media, and a bit of weaving and lacing. I would like to have spent more time on it but it was fun and I’m pleased I finished it.


I’ve uploaded pics of the whole thing to Art House Co-op, and on Flickr as a slideshow.

However, I recommend virtually leafing through some much more timeworthy sketchbooks, for example,

Mixed Media
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the sketchbook project

I’ve signed up to get a sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project 2011 – run by Art House Co-op in Brooklyn. A little scary, but I (virtually) know quite a few people who’re taking part – and anyone can join in – it should be a great project to be part of. My sketchbook hasn’t arrived yet but I think they come quite quickly after you sign up. There are lots of very different themes to choose from and I chose ‘Lines and Grids’ – I thought it might provide inspiration for weaving as well as being fun to explore.

Of course as soon as you start to look there are lines and grids everywhere – these are some from my Flickr photos:

grids and lines mosaic

1. lobster pot, 2. bramble leaves turning, 3. patterns and textures at Jolyons, 4. nets at Praia da Vagueira, 5. lines in rock, 6. sculpted by nature, 7. rusty fence, 8. light and waves, 9. fibre and tines, 10. prints in the sand, 11. patterns and textures at Jolyons, 12. netted rock, 13. under a sunlit chair, 14. creel, 15. waves, 16. grass shadows on the sand

I also think there are lots of expressions about lines to play with, e.g. ‘crossing the line’,’line of enquiry’,’taking a hard line’, and probably also some about grids though they don’t spring to mind so readily!