A snail-slow project to send beauty into the world and celebrate tiny things

tiny handwoven bags
The Tiny Little Encouragements project began with a series of small handwoven bags, the fruit of Weaving a Story, a course with Anastasia Azure in 2020. The bags are containers for sharing words of encouragement or inspiration.

You’re invited to participate, if you’re inspired, by creating a tiny bag, pouch or box, a container or vessel of your own, and giving or sending it to someone with some words and some love.

Make it in any way you like: paper and glue, something in your own craft, a tiny work of art, a matchbox. It doesn’t matter how imperfect it may be, it will be perfect just as it is.

Share an image of what you made anywhere on social media with the hashtag #tinylittleencouragements – or not, as you prefer.