When I moved to Wales I started to learn Welsh (dysgu Cymraeg) and there are so many resources online that I find useful, I wanted them all in one place where I can access them easily. It’s a rather idiosyncratic collection – they’re all things I use, some every day and others every so often. Many of these resources would be useful to anyone learning Welsh; some are specific to my own interests, like colour and weaving.

I’m just now (summer 2019) trying out a new home for them, on Wakelet. I had been keeping them on Pearltrees, which I love as a curation tool, but I want to try something different for sharing them. Wakelet doesn’t (yet?) have all the features I’m used to on Pearltrees, but there are lots of things I’m liking a lot about using it, so far.

Wakelet screenshot

My collections on Wakelet

Later on I might try embedding them here as well, but this is good for now. If you have your own Wakelet account, you can follow my account or save individual collections that interest you.