This was the conversation from which our project grew. We were talking about how to increase involvement and engagement with art, and ways to create artworks where the community (communities?) feel a sense of ownership and value. It wasn’t in any way a planning meeting but a free-flowing conversation to bounce ideas around. Frances has documented the conversation on her blog. These were my jottings of things participants said that particularly caught my attention:

  • there are 51  community groups on Tiree
  • traditions and memories – past, contemporary and  future, are important on Tiree
  • audio recording may be a useful art form for people who don’t want to get messy with paint.
  • craft is important to a variety of people – witness the success of the annual craft fairs
  • suggestions of places where public art might enhance
    • around or even in An Turas
    • the ferry shelter on the pier
    • the old Calmac building
    • the proposed skate park
    • the bus shelter
  • Tiree needs an iconic or emblematic piece of art – something people want to be photographed with
  • what is Tiree? We could get people to make things to express this
  • we could ask community groups to talk about this, draw, video. We could involve people from various subcultures, similar in age, philosophy, or  interests to communicate more widely.
  • we could ask ‘What Tiree means to you?’ Collect words. Create art that  represents this.
  • we  could communicate better through An Tirisdeach
  • words could be used in public spaces, made into audio for people to listen to, made into a book
  • we could have a comic  strip in An Tirisdeach, or ask questions






my notes from Frances’ conversation around public art